Wednesday 13th February 2019
Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre
Gumstool Hill
Glos. GL8 8DG
(sat nav use GL88EY)
7.30 pm
Tickets: £5

We have known Roger for almost 5o years. When we heard he was making a trip to the UK in February 2019, and following the publication of his wonderful new book, we asked him to share his research and experience by giving a lecture and running a workshop here in Tetbury. To our delight he agreed.This is an opportunity not to be missed !

 Roger Burrows’ latest book, “3D Thinking in Design and Architecture from Antiquity to the Future,” published by Thames and Hudson Ltd., follows the development of ‘Visual Logic’ through time, from Neolithic petroglyphs and the ancient River Cultures, through the geometries of the Pythagoreans, the Celts and early Islam – all the way to the present and to a possible future. His presentation will concentrate on examples of art and architecture that were designed to promote human ‘well-being.
‘As history shows, there are two faces of the ‘Quest,’ they are ‘Logic’ and ‘Emotion.’ So, the presentation will reveal the logical and emotional aspects of Neolithic petroglyphs, the fire altars of the Indus Valley, the Great Pyramids, the geometries of the Pythagoreans, the designs of early Islam, the Celts… ‘My goal is to promote the idea that art and the internal spaces of architecture should be designed to ‘inspire the soul,’ – to elevate emotion, to exercise perception and to challenge logic – rather than as sculptural, symbolic, or purely aesthetic statements’.
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