8 day course – 2014

This course enables students to make a lightweight,  reinforced poplar-wood trunk, covered with hide. This will be in the form of a medium sized flat topped trunk with  specially made solid brass fittings, including corners, lid ‘straps’, lock, domed rivets and nails.

Techniques will include:

  • preparing the carcass ( this will be pre-made)
  • cutting out and paring the leather then attaching the pieces to the carcass
  • moulding handle supports
  • making and fitting the trunk handles
  • preparing and fitting solid brass corners, lid re-enforcement ‘straps’, lock and studs
  • guidance on fitting out the trunk to the student’s individual requirements.

The material costs for this course are likely to be £600 in addition to the course fee. This course is open to those with some experience of the techniques described above or who have attended one or more of our courses. It is a demanding course so Thursday 20th February will be a rest day.

Dates 2014                                              Full Fee              Deposit

February 15 -23  (Saturday – Sunday )      £1560                   £700